LIVE (and learn)

by Camila Recchio

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I've been writing an album for the last 2 or 3 months and this song is the most recently written and final piece for the project. Now comes continuing production, mixing and mastering. I'm proud of this particular song because I wrote it about a week ago (5/23/2016) as an outlet for something that was really fucking with me and I needed to get past. In the follow 3 days I took the knowledge I've been gaining from my brilliant, talented and insightful roommates (their homeschooling me in the ways of audio engineering, etc.) and created this! It's still under construction and hasn't been mixed or anything but it's a good representation I think ;)

The title to the project will be "Learning Logic" ..because I love alliterations. I also like the duality in the play on words of Learning Logic Pro and trying to learn some logic about life ;) All the songs on the album were written directly as emotional releases to what I was experiencing and learning about at the time. Most are sad love songs lol but they've got bouncy rhythms so they'll do ;) It's been an amazing experience letting feelings fall into riffs and melodies, and then building soundscapes and words around them.. at least that's how a lot of this project has come together. Because of the access I've had to an open space, with everything I'd need to just create set up and ready to go the actual creation process is able to have a lot more freestyle energy and capturing authentic emotional moments. I understand the unprecedented blessing that this is in my life so I'm taking advantage of it ;) Gives me insight for my non-profit endeavors in wanting to create this for other young people with no access to even an incling of an option like this. I'm determined to share this experience, because it's been so inwardly beneficial for me to have and learn with, these last 5 months. #LearningLogic


I've been sitting here for what seems like all mutha funckin day
Picking through all the tangled pieces
Of what's wound up in my pretty little brain

But when I try to think about what this shit really means to me
Well it just keep comin back around
Just keeps comin back around this way

Yea it's a long road
And you've got a lot to give / get
And toss em to the side
If they can't handle it
Cause it's hard to know
And it's hard to say
Gotta let em go
and sometimes let em go again

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohh

Well I'd like to say I've learned my lesson
But I'd be lyin through my teeth
I keep on fallin face first into my
Own direction
What keeps catchin on my feet

Cause it's a high/hard road
But you've got a lot to give
And toss em to the side
If they can't handle it
Cause it's hard to know
And it's hard to say
Gotta let em go
And sometimes let em go again


released June 1, 2016
Camila Recchio

Electric Guitar
As well as audio engineering ;)



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Camila Recchio Seattle, Washington

"Art in it's most expressive form is my favorite. I write music & poetry, sing & paint as a way of expressing experiences or observations."

Camila Recchio has worked extensively with Pastor Pat Wright and The Total Experience Gospel Choir. She's musically collaborated with Macklemore X Ryan Lewis, Ray Dalton, Theoretics, Nu Era, Chev, KnowMads & Fatal Lucciano with more projects coming soon!
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